Commercial Spot

I worked under the direction of Jeff Stevens at Pixel Farm and their friends at FRWD and Rain & Shine to create these matte paintings for WarHeads HotHead commercial campaign. With these three campaign spots, I needed to incorporate aspects of each matte painting into one another for constancy. I worked on creating a star / galaxy map that was used in each shot. The lava hole is a scene of what it might be like on a “Warhead candy” planet that is HOT. This was fun to create, from the overall design, env. concepts to the vehicle concept.

We had the chance to show how Warheads Hotheads can take your taste buds on a trip that is out of this world. Through art direction, VFX compositing in Flame, and sound design, these spots were produced and distributed with multiple social media formats in mind.

Creative Director: Jeff Stevens
CG Director: Tom Doeden
Senior 3D Animator: Mike Nelson
Lead 3D Lighter/Compositor: Eric Schulist
3D Dynamics: Eric Schulist
3D Modeler/ Designer: Riley Eastman
3D Animator: Emalie Tison

Designer/Animator: Jordan Anderson
Designer/Animator: Mike Greenwell
Designer/Animator: Nate Miller
Animator/Compositor: Matt Weier
Flame Compositor: Luke Braith

Matte Painter: Ian Vicknair

Sr. Producer: Kathy Yerich
Project Manager: Chad Schmeidel