Personal Matte Paint Collection


This is a collection of Matte Paint pieces that were experimental. Ranging from Day vs Night, Wet vs Dry, Cold vs Hot etc. Each piece was an experiment in technical skill and development of learning matte painting.

My first digital matte paint was for the studio “PixelFarm,” in Minneapolis for a hover tractor display. Shortly after, I start learning matte painting from the online course – “Intro to Matte Painting” by a world renown artist Maxx Burman. Taking his 4 week course helped lead me into this career deeper. Later on I took the CGMA class by David Loung and now am part of an amazing group at Matte Paint Academy that is ran by Conrad Allan. I am truly humbled to of been taught and still be taught by these amazing artists. None of this would of been possible without them guiding me and taking the time to teach. I owe it all to you guys.

As I continue to do work for studios and companies, I will keep this collection of personal matte paintings growing as an example of growth or as titled; Evolutionary. The bottom piece being from where I started, to the top being most recent.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this collection.


If you have any input or interest in owning a print, please feel free to email Ian Vicknair and let him know your thoughts. If there is a strong outreach and demand of prints, we will consider creating a special sale of prints for all to enjoy. Note: there are limited prints of each piece. In addition, each print is hand signed, and includes free shipping world wide.